Flygt A-C Series NS Dry Pit Pumps

graphic_ac_seriesFlygt A-C Series NS Dry Pit non-clog pumps are designed to handle wastewater and other noncorrosive liquids with soft solids in suspension. With over 130 years of industry experience, Flygt A-C Series provide the most efficient and lowest life cycle cost pumping solution in the industry. Typical applications include municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, food processing and storm water runoff.

  • Dry pit installation by design provides easy access and maintenance
  • Numerous options for impellers, housings, seals, bearings, bearing lubrication systems, and drivers
  • Optional Shearpeller handles fluids containing fibrous materials, abrasives, large solids and up to 20% vapor
  • Optional PEG base distributes motor weight directly to foundation rather than through the pump casing, eliminating vibration in VFD applications
  • Flygt Custom Pumps A-C Series also include larger Dry Pit pumps and a broad range of Split Case, Vertical and Axial Flow pumps.

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