Flygt Experior™ Pump System

graphic_experior1Flygt Experior incorporates state-of-the-art hydraulics, premium efficiency motors, and intelligent controls. In each case, only the products that meet the stringent Flygt demands of reliability and efficiency are selected. It is the outstanding N-technology, Flygt Premium efficiency motor and SmartRun™ control that give unbeatable wastewater pumping and energy savings of up to 50% in average compared to a conventional wastewater pump system with an on/off control. The result is state-of-the-art pumping that delivers the ultimate in reliability, efficiency, and simplicity.

Flygt Experior™ Inspired by you. Engineered by us.

  • Adaptive N-hydraulics further improves the clog-free, energy-saving pump performance
  • N-technology is suited for speed regulation, as self-cleaning functionality operates independently of rotational speed
  • SmartRun control is pre-programmed to meet specific wastewater customer requirements
  • Up to 4% higher motor efficiency than the nominal premium efficiency motor standard
  • Single supplier to deliver the optimum pumping solution – this includes the pump, motor, and intelligent control