Flygt PumpView3 Web-Based Pump Control Software

graphic_pumpview_3PumpView software enables you to connect to a new or existing pump station and carry out many of the functions of traditional telemetry without any of the risks – and for a much lower cost. Communication hardware is installed in the panel with either the Flygt MultiSmart Pump Station Manager, Flygt My Connect pump controller, or Flygt Alarm Telemetry Unit. These hardware components send regular status and alarm information to a managed web server through a cellular data network.

  • The web server stores all your information in a secure database sending a specific alarm notification via SMS, email or voice to each user on the alarm list until it is acknowledged
  • The server generates web pages enabling customers to log in and view the status of their network seeing detailed information of all pump stations and allowing changes to be made
  • Well levels can be checked, fault status viewed, and alarms reset while historical data is recorded and provided on demand

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