Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System (DBS)

graphic_godwin_dbsThe Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System offers the peace-of-mind you can only find when you have a reliable contingency plan for your lift station. The Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System provides independently-powered pumping in one dependable package for a variety of emergency situations.

With the availability of both backup pumping and backup power, the Dri-Prime Backup System can be engaged during primary power, switch gear and sewage pump failure or repair, and for primary pumping during routine maintenance. Because it is rated to meet the power and pumping demands of your system, the Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System is ready, willing and waiting to meet your needs – whenever you need it.

  • Continuous pumping despite loss of power, switch gear or failure of lift station submersible pumps
  • Ability to function as primary pump during lift station and pump maintenance
  • PrimeGuard digital control panel allowing seamless interface to existing control systems for remote monitoring and control
  • Consumes less fuel than generator system that have to run 27/7 – the DBS only runs when the situation calls for a run

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